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Pricing Plan

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Flexible pricing options for Startups

Early Stage

Looking for series A & B
$1500 / month
$1700 / yearly
  • Zoom sessions
  • Digital Analytics
  • SEO Mastery

Growth Stage

Looking for series B & C
$3500 / month
$3700 / yearly
  • All included Early Stage package
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Pay-per click

Maturity Stage

Looking for series C
$9700 / month
$9500 / yearly
  • All included Early & Growth Stage
  • Martech
  • AI Consulting
Pricing Plan

Frequently asked questions

Our prices are different for early-stage, growth-stage, and maturity-stage startups because the needs of these businesses are different. Early-stage startups typically have limited budgets, so we offer more affordable pricing for them. Growth-stage startups need more help scaling their businesses, so we offer more comprehensive services at a higher price point. Maturity-stage startups need help maintaining their market share and growing their profits, so we offer customized solutions at a premium price.

Our pricing structure includes a variety of services, including: SEO, Digital Analytics, Advertising Strategy, Pay-per click, Martech and Business Consulting. The detail of the services is shared and tailored after a 1-2-1 call

In the Kick-off we will define the success metrics with the customer and add it in a dashboard. Common metrics are : Website/App traffic, Leads, Sales, CSAT, Retention, MAU, DAU ,etc.

We offer a variety of payment terms, including monthly, quarterly, and annual billing. We also offer a 30-day grace period on all payments.

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